The things we say


The things we say and how our words can make an impact on the world.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  I’m not a writer.  I am just not good at it.

What I am though is an entertainer.  I do YouTube everyday.  Making gaming videos and Vlogging. People criticize me on a daily bases saying things like,”It’s not even a job” or”This will get you nowhere”.  But it’s not true.  I spend 8+ hours every day making videos and studying how to come up with even better content.  I never want to see the quality of my content become less so I must continue to find ways to improve.  It’s very hard work trying to motivate yourself to make another video when your audience isn’t that big.  It’s like a stand up comic.  He pretends to be telling jokes to and auditorium of people when in fact it’s just 4 drunk blokes at the bar (and one of them is passed out).

We YouTubers are a new kind of people. We are not recognized as hard working people though, and that can hurt. I came up with a saying for my YouTube channel. Just Be Awesome. Today, I want to explain why I say that and how my words are going to make a difference in this world.


In 2006 I joined the Army as a very young 17 year old.  I was home-schooled my whole life and the only friends I ever really had were the 9 siblings I had. I served for 6 years and did 1 tour to Taji, Iraq in ’09.  I went through a lot of stressful times in that 6 year period.  Being homeless, seeing military friends die and of course the depression that comes with it.  I felt worthless. Alone.  I could never seem to talk to people about things I’d seen. I struggled (and still do) with being friends with people.  I’m an introvert.  I don’t know how to socialize.  My whole life has been going from one extreme to the next.  I couldn’t seem to find my groove.  I started questioning the way I was living my daily life, the way my parents and “friends” told me I was supposed to act and be.  I finally came to a realization that I wasn’t happy. I realized it while sitting on my roof with a gun in my hand.  I was going to shoot myself.  End it all.  My whole life I felt that I couldn’t live like others because I was just a failure.  Luckily, before I pulled the trigger I thought to myself,”What if I just do what I want to do?” So I started to.  I became me.  My family hates me for it.  Most people around me think I’m a failure.  I don’t.  My fiance doesn’t.  I’m happy.  I’m totally nuts and I know it! I love it!  I have fun all the time now.  People around me will ask me,”What are you even doing?” And I’ll always answer with “I’m just being awesome.”

That’s what I want for everyone. I want everyone to just be awesome.  Be you.  Not what everyone tells you to be.

So remember, just be awesome



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